How to Use Grammarly on Google docs

Grammarly- the best way to improve your quality of writing.

Google Docs users never need to spend lot of time to fix errors in their writing after installing Grammarly. Grammarly fixes – the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, provides good choice of words, neat phrase of sentence and improves the confidence of the writing. Thus creating professional documents is very much easier now with Grammarly.  

 The three modes of subscription in Grammarly,

  1. Free plan – For single users that offers basic writing corrections.
  2. Premium plan – Offers advanced features for single users.
  3. Business plan – Offers advanced features for three or more users.

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Grammarly installation and setup

Open your Google doc after signing in your Google account. By downloading Google Chrome extension, you can use Grammarly in Google docs. Installing the extension for Google Docs in Grammarly is the option available to work in Google Docs. 

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