How to Use Grammarly on Google docs

Grammarly- the best way to improve your quality of writing.

Google Docs users never need to spend lot of time to fix errors in their writing after installing Grammarly. Grammarly fixes – the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, provides good choice of words, neat phrase of sentence and improves the confidence of the writing. Thus creating professional documents is very much easier now with Grammarly.  

 The three modes of subscription in Grammarly,

  1. Free plan – For single users that offers basic writing corrections.
  2. Premium plan – Offers advanced features for single users.
  3. Business plan – Offers advanced features for three or more users.

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Grammarly installation and setup

Open your Google doc after signing in your Google account. By downloading Google Chrome extension, you can use Grammarly in Google docs. Installing the extension for Google Docs in Grammarly is the option available to work in Google Docs. 

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How to Install ProtonVPN on Linux

Prerequisites for Installation

Before you start installing ProtonVPN on your Linux machine, make sure that you have the updated versions of OpenVPN, python3.5+, and pip for python3. Downloading Dialog is an optional dependency if you prefer interactive selecting. Press Ctrl + Alt + T and type in sudo apt-get install openvpn. This opens a terminal to install the OpenVPN package. Enter your password when prompted. Press Y and Enter when it asks for confirmation. Also type sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome to install the network-manager-openvpn-gnome package. Press Y and Enter to confirm. Also, type sudo apt install resolvconf to install resolvconf.

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Download the ProtonVPN Config Files

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Is Popcorn Time Safe and Legal?

Is Popcorn time legit and safe? Read this guide before you start using it. The Popcorn time is an online web based service that allows you to watch movies, TV episodes and your favorite programs for free.

If we talk more about technology, it’s multi-platform, free software Bit Torrent client that includes an integrated media player. The applications provide a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services.

Note one thing: if you are from New zealand like me then you also need a best vpn nz to access popcorn times in

It can stream HD content (720p and 1080p) smoothly and without buffering issues over even fairly modest Internet connections here including mobile connections also so I think good for us.

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How would an air hammer affect human flesh?


Air hammer is one of the best inventions when it comes to the Tools category.

It is known to have reduced the strength and stamina required by humans to have a specific type of work done.

For instance, it saves a lot of time and energy by accomplishing heavy drilling and other work in a matter of minutes.

The air hammers have been used for a long time now in massive operations involving drilling, mining boreholes and in drilling natural gas wells.

They offer a significant advantage over the manual hammers, especially when it comes to drilling hard rock formations and so on.

At the same time, however, Air hammer can be considered as an impact tool. They emit a dominant frequency and display a cyclic shock, which has a high component.

So the best air hammer has an inadvertent effect on the human flesh. What could that be?

To illustrate a case in point, a survey was conducted in the limestone quarries of Indiana, USA, during 1917 when mallet and hammers were replaced with air hammers.

They experienced a sense of numbness in their fingers when they used Air hammers for an extended period.

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How to Restring an Acoustic Guitar


Guitars basically are of three types: Classical guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Electrical Guitar. Classical guitar has nylon strings, Acoustic guitar has steel strings and electric guitar has magnetic pickups. 

However, for beginners learning from Acoustic Guitar is the best option. Acoustic means producing sound through mechanical waves and not electrically.

To know more about budget guitar check out

Why do we need to restring the guitar?

We need to restring the guitar when the strings don’t work their usual. The guitar owner will come to know of this if he pays better attention to the instrument. There are some signs which let u know when to change guitar strings. They are

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What is IRR [Internal Rate of Return] ?


Financial Calculators are widely used in financial and banking industries. From simple financial formulas to complicated formulas are calculated with the help of high-quality financial calculators.

Starting from basic mathematical functions to calculating of internal rate of return, net present value (NPV), Discounted cash flows, Uneven cash flows and other financial metrics are calculated with the help of financial calculators.

The advanced features in these best financial calculator, makes it easy and comfortable for the business men.

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Odds are for those who have a truck or car, you have utilized the best Bosch wiper blades produced by Bosch brand in one type or other. Bosch brand is a proud German Conglomerate which has been around since the year 1886. This brand makes fuel systems, electrical drivers, steering systems, starter engines, best windshield wipers, bracketless wiper blades, as well as other industrial items. Check out the in-depth Bosch wiper blades review to learn more.


We will attempt to Bosch Icon wiper blades review a few of the top rated windshield wipers produced by Bosch, as well as most delivers the needed bang for your buck. There are many Bosch wiper blades catalogue models, and a few of them feature the distinctive patented beam styles.

Bosch Icon wiper blades are produced with the modern rubber innovation, which causes it last a minimum of 40% more time when compared with some other best windshield wipers.

The top rated windshield wipers from this brand all have distinctive customized fit, as well as the functionality, is cherished by countless customers globally. A few other well-known reviews consists of Bosch Evolution wiper blades review, Bosch Marathon wiper blades review, and Anco Contour review.



In this article, you will discover plenty of information regarding Rain X Weatherbeater review. Between the Rain X Weatherbeater vs Latitude, the Weatherbeater wiper blades offer comparable, however, slightly enhanced innovation for defeating the year-long climate circumstances that jeopardize your protection on the streets.

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Having the features and quality, many users require, this Weatherbeater wiper is an incredible blade which might perform perfectly to clean the windshield during your travel in whatever climate circumstance.



Welcome to the Anco 31 Series Wiper Blades Review. This windshield wiper from ANCO comes with a vented bridge and a metallic flexor. You can easily install and remove this wiper blade because of the KwiKConnect feature. Any time you use this product, it will give a consistent and clean wipe due to the rubber DuraKlear compound it contains.

This windshield wiper also covered in a no-wax and natural formula which will safeguard it against ultraviolet rays and road grime, air pollution, and ozone. The patented compound rubber this model made from provides it with an incredibly sharp cleaning edge.



Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Whatever the time of year, your vehicle needs a great pair of best wiper blades. Although many vehicle drivers like all component of their vehicle to look great, the good wiper blades are among those easily ignored elements of the vehicle that we wish to both appear great and function properly.

Top rated wiper blades are a truly important safety function for your vehicle that must not be overlooked. In fact, best windshield wipers will not just help you look at in snow and heavy rain but, could keep the nasty bug stains and streaks away from your vehicles windshield. Similarly, the brightness that come from dirty windows can significantly affect visibility whilst driving, raising your chance of a really risky accident.